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Julia Pearl Southern Cuisine - Plano

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We went last night with a foodie couple that we're close to.  The experience was notable so I thought I would share.


This is at the same location on the west side of Central/75 just north of Park Blvd where Mac's was for many years.


It's to be noted that they just opened a few days ago and are clearly working out some bugs.  For instance, we had called ahead and made reservations and when we arrived just ahead of time we were told that they had no reservation and no explanation for that (they did work us into a table almost immediately and were apologetic).  The one other thing that wasn't entirely positive - but also not a big deal - the service was a bit bumpy.  The help was plenty attentive - just rusty and working out little kinks like knowing how to open a wine bottle while standing right there in front of our table.


Now to the important part; the food.


In short, it was just outstanding. Chef Tre Wilcox is running the kitchen - and it showed.  My buddy and his wife had the red fish and fried chicken, respectively.  I had the smoked brisket, my wife had the schrimp & grits.  We all shared a little and I can say with conviction that everything was excellent including the wine.  Top notch.  Taste, presentation, etc...  really, really good food.


Be sure to look at the menu online before you go.  This is not skinny food.  There is nothing "light" on the menu.  This is unapologetic southern food done right.  So if you've got your work-out out of the way and want to enjoy a little decadence - this place will not disappoint.


The place looks great and sounded great with electric blues music adding to the atmosphere.  I assume they will work out the service bugs - that certainly won't keep us from going back.


There you have it.  Highly recommended!



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Great food. We tried to walk in last week.  They offered us a table that was a little wobbly if we didn't want to wait.  To be honest, we wouldn't have noticed the wobble  if  they hadn't told us. Anyway I asked how business was and they told us they had 131 reservations for the next night. Amazing.  The chef's made their way around the dining room. I was bummed I didn't get to meet Tre Wilcox (loved him on Top Chef) but Chef Jemaine was very nice.  I recommend the salmon with the fried cabbage.

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