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Snappy Salads & Fish City Grill

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Wouldnt surprise me. I love Snappy but ive noticed they have closed a few places so they might not be doing well. I eat there all the time and its rarely full. Its pretty expensive. A salad and drink is like $14 for a medium. A large is $18

its a shame but i feel like most people dont like healthy places. Fattening food places sell, and it will probably be a pizza joint or mexican or something. maybe thats why 70% of us are obese

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On 7/7/2018 at 11:02 PM, rtinallentx said:

I like Snappy Salads, but I wouldn't really say they are "healthy".  Even on a 1/2 salad, it's real easy for the calorie count to go above 600. 

A high calorie count doesn’t make something unhealthy

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