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#Happiness Challenge Launches in Allen & Around World

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At This time of year we say “happy New year”. #Hapiness Challenge is a way to give more meaning to the wish.  We all wish for lot of happiness but many of us struggle with getting there no matter how deep our pockets are.  Happiness shouldn’t be an accident, or like playing lottery with odds 200 million to one.  

#Happiness Challenge is for people of all ages, faiths, backgrounds, walks of life.  We are all brothers and sisters sharing the pursuit of happiness in common. It launches today!!

If many of us take part we uplift each other and our communities as a whole.  By doing the challenge and  challenging others to do it we help spread positivity and joy.  

This is a 21 day challenge.  View a  short video and take the xhallenge task of the day.  Pass it forward. Invest 15 min a day over this period to focus on your happiness.

People around here are excited about it. Some people are also already doing some small acts of kindness at local coffee shops like Dunkin Donuts and others and spreading the challenge.

You can find info on it at






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