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Landscape Designer Recommendations

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Sure. Here are a few of the folks I know who can do a really good job for you. Give them a call to meet with them and get a quote from each one. Any of them will do a really good job. 

Keith Pulliam does an excellent job using native and adapted plants. He really listens to what his clients wants in their landscape and will create a design based on what you want and the space that is available. 469-569-8049. Visit his website: http://www.agscapes.com/ Keith also advertises here on Allen Online, so look for his coupon. 

Maribeth Flowers is also a master gardener. She knows the best plants for this area. 214-837-5561 Here is her website: http://flowersgardenslandscapes.com/

Carrie Dubberley is also an excellent designer and specializes in rain gardens. Check her website for an explanation of that. She is also a master gardener. 214-770-6252  http://www.dubberleylandscape.com/ 

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Thanks for the recommendations.  I did know about Appealing Gardens and that is on my list.  I try to get at least 3 recommendations.

I do have some wildflowers (rock rose, winecup, and verbena which is my favorite).  Actually, I dug up the latter from the land around me 30 years ago before they developed the land.  I also had two different trees but one died due to all the rain several years back and the other might have had the same problem.  I also have an area for wildflowers but then my yaupon holly grew and shaded the area a little too much.  I'm not planning to have an area that is really sunny for wildflowers; wish I could get rid of all my grass and have native plants.  I also have some native plants in the shade.

Some native plants came from the Heard Museum sale many years ago or from organic nurseries plus Puckette's most recently.

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My front yard is 75% flowerbeds with a couple trees and the rest is grass. Check out the plant sales this month: 

Hugs Greenhouse in McKinney is having a sale this Saturday, April 6. This organization helps provide and expand employment opportunities and programs for adults with special needs. http://hugscafe.org/greenhouse/

The Heard Museum plant sale is April 12 (members only) and 13. http://www.heardmuseum.org/

The Collin County Master Gardeners are having their big plant sale on Saturday, April 20. http://ccmgatx.org/

And, if you are interested in plant swaps, the Allen Garden Club is having their spring plant swap this Thursday, April 4 at 6:30 pm at their monthly meeting - Allen Heritage Center, 100 E. Main St. in downtown Allen. http://allengardenclub.org/

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