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Special Restaurant Posting Guidelines - Please Read

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Restaurant Talk and Comments Special Guidelines

The following guidelines for this forum are in addition to the Rules and Guidelines you agreed with when you registered for this service. 
Whether your review is positive or negative, be sure to maintain a high level of respectability with your comments. Foul language and “Flaming” are prohibited.


  • All reviews must reflect a first-hand experience.
  • Before you place a negative review, we highly recommend that you first contact the owner or manager to address your concerns. 
  • Anyone with a conflict of interest, including owners and current and former employees, should not leave a review or comment.
  • A representative of a business that wishes to comment on a review can contact the Community Manager for access.
  • The person who posted a review or comment can delete it by contacting the Community Manager.

If Allen Online/Allen Talk suspects a review to be fraudulent or deemed inappropriate it will be removed.

Allen Talk Staff


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