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Got an xlarge for $11.91 out the door. The pizza was OK, was kinda like a cross between Napoli's and pizza hut. The sauce was just a little bit "off" in my opinion, almost like some spaghetti sauce with some spices thrown in. Some may like it, but it wasn't for me. Crust was crispy, but at the same time a little bit tough, which I wasn't crazy about, although I found that better than having a soggy crust. Not a very greasy pizza, which I thought was good, and the cheese seemed like it was pretty good and fresh mozzarella. Overall, I would say I liked the shop that was there previously better, I think it was called Bronx pizza.


Personally I don't think it touches Napoli's, which I would rank their pizza as a good but far from great(I know it has a lot of fans in the area). They do offer other things like cheesesteaks, wings, etc, which I may give a try in the future. I think given the seemingly bad location(still can't figure out exactly why) and the competition from Napoli's, they will have an uphill battle. Certainly didn't seem very busy given the front page they had on the latest allen ad circular and football sunday.


One side note in case someone from the business reads this. When I entered, there was basically no one there, and a girl taking a phone order, and a gentleman at the other register ( thinking he may have been one of the owners), along with a ton of guys in the back in the kitchen talking. I realize the business is new and they are working things out. But I went to give the guy my order, and he basically had an aloof look, and ignored me at first. Then had me go over to get cashed out by the girl on the phone. Just saying, you only get one chance on that first impression. Be friendly, be outgoing, do whatever you need to do to make the customer feel welcome, and in turn want to come back.

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I had been wondering about this place. It's not far from my house and would be handy for stopping by to pick up a pizza on the way home.


Your comments about the attitude of the staff sound familiar. When Rosati's was in that location (before the Bronx Pizza), I loved their food, but the way they treated their customers was very similar to your experience, and I quickly decided there were other places I could spend my money where my business would be appreciated.


I do remember hearing that the same person or group owned the Rosati's franchise and the Bronx Pizza that went in that same location after Rosati's. Maybe this is yet another attempt by the same owner and they still have the same unfriendly staff.

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Ha! No. He would love that you thought that though. I work on the other side of the restaurant fence. I am a foodie and friends with lots of other foodies in the area. It's actually a fairly small community. Although I work out of Allen, I live, eat, drink and sometimes sleep in Allen. I will be giving Pizza Shack a go in a few weeks...as soon as they get the kinks worked out.

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