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Found dog near Bethany and Allen Heights

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http://imgur.com/1XeNA2T not sure what kind of breed she is! She's a smaller dog, mostly brown, beautiful brown eyes, very well trained, no identifying tags or owner information! Only numbers to Allen animal shelter and a random vet. Nobody is working right now so there's nobody that can help us find her owners! Much thanks!


As I said she was found near Bethany and Allen Heights, specifically around Dearborn, Shadowlakes, Cheyenne...this is the second time I have found this dog in this neighborhood with no information available to get her back to her owners...so obviously she must live in this neighborhood! She was found around 6:30pm Dec 24th just wandering through some yards!


UPDATE: this is late, but the dog made her way back to her owners. Her name is Hannah. Hopefully they will have tags made for the dog with their information included!! They are new to the neighborhood and the dog is used to "roaming"

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