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My daughter worked there for a little while. She would always bring us food home, I am a barbecue fanatic and could never seem to like it that much. It's funny in a way because me and my wife make bets each time we would go by there on how many cars would be in the parking lot. Usually whoever picked the lowest car count won, lol. I dont have any respect for the manager at all either, my daughter was working evenings after school and she was always at work and one week she checked the schedule and she wasnt on it, so the next week she checked and still wasnt on it, so we asked why she was not on the schedule and he said "Oh, yea we just didnt need her anymore because they had too much staff", Really? You couldnt even tell her in person?

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Dickey's is good?
The one at 14th St in Plano, and the one at Henderson/75 are good, all the others are franchised stores and not too special.


IIRC, the one on 14th has recently gone franchise so things may change there. I've eaten there many times since 1999. It's not bad.


Have you eaten at either of those locations?


I've eaten at Big Rays (the one near APD), it was fine. It's not a top 50, but it was fine for a quick lunch.


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You summed it up nicely with your "It's not bad."


The only ones I've had were Allen, McKinney (121), and Richardson. Of the 3, the Richardson was rather flavorless and Allen was probably the best of the 3.


No, it's not bad. But it's certainly nothing to write home about.

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We used to eat at Bar B cuties at least once a week. I don't know what happened but at one point, bascially the entire front side staff turned over and things went downhill really fast after that.


Our daughter had several friends that worked there before the big turnover and they didn't have many good things to say about it.


The last time we went, which was maybe a month ago, we got there at 11:30 or so, the air conditioning wasn't on, there was no ice in the ice machine and they weren't handing out numbers to any of the guests so the girls were forced to go from table to table asking people if what they had in their hands was what that table had ordered. Every table in the place was dirty as well. My wife commented that she didn't think they'd be there much longer. Yep.

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